Everyone loves the art of music. Among the musicians available in the market, Elton John has a special place in our hearts.

Born in the United Kingdom, this artist has captured millions of fans through his authentic album songs and music, regardless of their taste and interest. Even though he is pretty popular, there are some Elton John facts that people do not know about him. Let us look at them‌.

What Makes Elton John a Hero?

People who know Elton John would often call him a hero. It is not just because of his personal life; people also praise him for his charity work until now. He founded his own AIDS foundation and donated millions to his other charities.

These works have made him a hero among the general population, combined with his unique taste in music. His combination of rock, funk, and metal has improved his fan base over the years, and he continues to exist because of such unique selections.

10 Mind-blowing Facts About Elton John

1. He had a different name during his childhood.

It is common for famous personalities to rename themselves to reach the audience and create hype during their initial introduction.

Similarly, Elton John’s real name is Reginald Dwight. He took the name Elton John from his fellow bandmates from Bluesology. He legally changed his name in 1972 and introduced himself as Elton Hercules John before the audience.

2. In his latest musical, he collaborated with many world-famous artists like Dua Lipa and Ed Sheeran.
Despite his age and everything else, Elton John still created unique songs that made him quite popular among the general population. Similarly, he has also collaborated with other singers like Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj.

3. He still owns the best-selling single of all time.

Despite the tremendous success he faced, his song “Candle in the Wind” gets released in 1973. He originally wrote this song for Marilyn Monroe and was later altered in honor of Diana, who died a tragic death in 1997. His friendship with the Princess of Wales forced him to change the lyrics and release them in her honor.

4. He was afraid of his cameo in Tommy.

One of the Elton John facts you didn’t know is that he was nervous because his high-heel platform boots provided a tall appearance. But since he worked behind a piano, his nervousness reduced, and he kept shoes as a reminder.

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5. He wore glasses just for fashion.

Did you know Elton John’s glasses are not for corrective purposes? Similar to his outfit, he wore beautiful glasses that improved his appearance.

6. He met his song partner through an advertisement.

When Elton John met the manager of Liberty records, he received some envelopes containing lyrics submitted by other participants. Elton John used Taupin’s lyrics and created a perfect music song.

Afterward, he mailed it back to Taupin. This song started a friendship that lasted forever.

7. He was interested in piano from the age of 7.

Elton John was a child prodigy who started learning piano by himself at seven. He played multiple songs just by hearing them, which later allowed him to enroll in the Royal Academy of Music. He was just 11 years old when he joined the academy.

8. He created his band when he was 15.

Did you know that Elton John created his band named Bluesology when he was just 15 years old? He combined with his friends and found this band to enjoy decent success.

9. His initial work was as a pub musician.

During the initial phase of his career, he worked in a pub as a musician and played songs for people who wished to listen. He got this job with the help of his parents, and he also performed weekend gigs by playing popular songs during that time. He also played some of his Originals as a mixture rather than playing them separately.

10. He worked as a songwriter with Bernie Taupin.

We all know that Taupin was his friend for a long time. Along with being his friend, he also recorded multiple songs with him while working under DJM records. They both work as songwriters that artists would use in their music.


Above given are some of the famous Elton John facts you need to know. Each song is a work of art, and Elton John enjoyed playing music throughout his life. He is a godfather to multiple children; some have grown up to be quite popular.

Some of the popular kids include Sean Ono Lennon and the children of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham. His good nature and ability to donate his money to charity have earned him respect from multiple family members.