Big Brother Titans Housemates and reality television star Yemi Cregx and his female colleague Khosi have shared their second kiss in the Biggie’s Ziyakhala Wahala House, Yemi Cregx and Khosi kiss Video.

After their first kiss in the night, Yemi Cregx and Khosi were seen aggressively kissing each other again this night.

Yemi, who was the first male and second overall Housemate to walk into Biggie’s Ziyakhala Wahala House saw Khosi as the first female and first overall Housemate to make it into Biggie’s House.

They both began having connections from the onset, resulting in what happened barely 48 hours before the show started.

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At midnight of Tuesday, January 17, Day 2 of the show, Yemi and Khosi, were seen aggressively locking their lips.

This has been recorded as their second kiss in Biggie’s Ziyakhala Wahala House after their first kiss last night. And apparently, Yemi and Khosi are just getting things together, in terms of their affection for each other.

Meanwhile, Khosi had wanted to put an end to the connection she and Yemi were having when after the Head of House game, she had a conversation with Yemi where she suggested they “end this”.

It seems clear now that Khosi’s conversation with Yemi didn’t yield much of the result Khosi had imagined, hence the continued affection.

Watch the moment in the video below: