#BB Titans: Twist as Biggie pairs each housemate with opposite gender

 Twist as Biggie pairs each housemate with opposite gender

Big Brother changed the dynamics of season 1 Zlyakhala wahala show by pairing each housemate with their opposite gender

On sunday, 7th day of the show, after the love eviction show, Big Brother invited Housemates according to gender to play a game. The game according Biggie will decide each person’s fate in the show, moving forward.

Female Housemates moved first into the arena for their challenge, which is to wrap ribbon on a provided pole. Biggie’s instructions stated that no white space on the pole should be visible.

Then, followed by the male Housemates. Biggie directed them to the garden where their own game is prepared. Male Housemates was asked to use a reference  picture to create a replica of chicken lookalike making use of provided cloth buttons.

At the end of the games, all housemates were called together to the arena to pick their partners. And the picking was done according to the position of each Housemates in the games.

Below is how the Housemates made their during the pairing exercise:

Thabang – Nana

Nelisa – Yemi Cregx

Juicy Jay – Olivia

Jaypee – Lukay

Justin – Yvonne

Tsatsii – Ebubu

Kanaga – Blue Aiva

Yaya – Marvin

Mmeli – Jenni O

Sandra – Theo Traw

Blaqboi – Ipeleng

Miracle OP – Khosi