BBTitans 2023 Week 1 Nomination For Eviction

Following the head of house game won by Mmeli, the housemates were called into the diary room individually to nominate two housemates each they want to evict from the Big Brother Titans house during the Week 1 live eviction show on Sunday january 22, 2023. Here are the nominations.

BBTitans 2023 Week 1 Nominations

This how the BBTitans housemates nominated 2 housemates each for possible eviction this week.

Housemates Nominated Housemates
Ipeleng Jenni O and Olivia
Blaqboi Yemi Cregx and Yaya
Yaya Nana and Blaqboi
Ebubu Justin and Nana
Nelisa Khosi and Nana
Marvin Justin and Khosi
Yemi Cregx Olivia and Nana
Khosi Jaypee and Jenni O
Kanaga Jnr  Lukay and Olivia
Tsatsii Nana and Lukay
Olivia Khosi and Yemi Cregx
Justin Nelisa and Nana
Jaypee Yemi Cregx and Khosi
Thabang Justin and Nana
Yvonne Marvin and Tsatsii
Lukay Olivia and Justin
Nana Yemi Cregx and Jaypee
Juicy Jay Nana and Justin
Jenni O Khosi and Tsatsii
Mmeli Nana and Kanaga jnr

BBTitans 2023 Week 1 Nomination Result

Here are the housemates and the number of nominations they received.

Housemates No. of Nominations
Blaqboi 1
Ebubu 0
Ilepeng 0
Jaypee 2
Janni O 2
Juicy Jay 0
Justin 5
Kanaga Jnr 1
Khosi 5
Lukay 2
Marvin 1
Mmelin 0
Nana 9
Nelisa 1
Olivia 4
Thabang 0
Tsatsii 2
Yaya 1
Yemi Cregx 4
Yvonne 0

Housemates up for Eviction

Here are the Big Brother Titans housemates with the highest nominations from week 1.

Housemates Final Result
Nana 9
Justin 5
Khosi 5
Olivia 4
Yemi Cregx 4

Nana, Justin, Khosi, Olivia and Yemi Cregx got the highest nominations. However there will not be any evictions this week. All housemates are safe.