The Big Brother Titans Jaypee has already started catching the attention of fans from her choice of topics with Blaqboi, another interesting Housemate.

She spoke about her observations and immediately predicted how difficult it would be in Big Brother’s House to stay for three months without having sex.

Reasons BBTitans Jaypee says Housemates will Mate

The interesting housemate made it clear that twenty (20) people can’t be locked in an apartment for three months and not damn the embarrassing consequences.

She insisted that people would show nudity, have sex, and party like never before to keep their minds off the lengthy time in the house.

Her words, “Keeping 20 people in a house for almost three months and expecting them not to f*ck is unrealistic.”

BBT Blaqboi only responded with a heavy laugh and seconded her thoughts that it would not be easy to stay without having intercourse with other mates.