The most-anticipated Big Brother Titans premiered on Sunday, with 20 housemates introduced into the house, situated in South Africa.

The Big Brother Titans, the first of its kind, features contestants from Nigeria and South Africa to battle for the grand prize of $100,000.

Hosted by Nigeria’s Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and South Africa’s Lawrence Maleke, the premiere also featured a performance from Afrobeats star D’banj.

Meet contestants below:

1. Khosi (South Africa)

The first BBTitan housemate introduced into the house is Khosi. She says she is always misconstrued as a slay queen and would love to date a Nigerian man.

2. Yemi (Nigeria)

Meet #BBTitans Yemi the second housemate, he is a Yoruba demon in the making, he is from Lagos, origin of Ekiti state and stays in Mushin part of Lagos.

3. Juicy Jay (South Africa)

Meet Juicy Jay the third #BBTitans Housemate, he is from South Africa, he is ready to give the show the juicy it needs.

4. Olivia (Nigeria)

Meet Olivia, she is the 4th #BBTitans housemate, she is from Nigeria 🇳🇬 , she is a Lekki land owner… her richkid vibe is what we need 🥰💪💪

5. Nelisa (South Africa)

Meet Nelisa, she is the 5th #BBTitans Housemate, Originally from the Eastern Cape, now in Johannesburg, South Africa, Nelisa has her eye on the money. She is lively and spunky, with a tedency to wear her heart on her sleeve.

6. Blaq Boi (Nigeria)

Meet the 6th #BBTitans housemate, He’s an aspiring filmmaker, but Blaqboi 🇳🇬 is ready to step into the spotlight and be the moment! From Plateau State, Nigeria to Biggie’s house, men’s zen personality and charm will sure melt the people.

7. Mmeli (South Africa)

Meet the 7th #BBTitans housemate, Model and creator, Mmeli, is the fearless life to keep the streets on in Johannesburg. He stays unbothered about other people’s opinions!⁣

8. Nana (Nigeria)

Meet the 8th #BBTitans housemate, she if from Kaduna part of Nigeria 🇳🇬, Nana’s soft and zen personality draws everyone to her. The entrepreneur does not, however, conform to social norms. We are getting ready to be intrigued!⁣

9. Ipeleng (South Africa)

Meet the 9th #BBTitans housemate, she is from South Africa and wants to experience Nigeria through the big brother show.

Objection, your Lordship! Ipeleng is a law student who is ready to step into the limelight and serve iconic moments on BBTitans!⁣

10. Marvin (Nigeria)

Meet the 10th #BBTitans housemate, Marvin 🇳🇬 is a chemical engineer with modelling as a side hustle. Originally from Port Harcourt in Nigeria, and now based in Texas, USA, Marvin relishes in being a cute boy with brains.⁣

11. Thabang (South Africa)

Meet the 11th #BBTitans housemate, he is 21-year-old from Soweto, If anyone understands the game, it’s Thabang. The Soweto native is a sports data analyst on his hustle mode. Although his focus is on the grind, he doesn’t neglect any opportunity for groove.

12. Jaypee (Nigeria)

Meet the 12 #BBTitans housemate, Don’t let your heart skip a beat, this nurse will know right away. Also a model, Jaypee from Lagos 🇳🇬 is a lover of love who is not afraid to flirt. Will she bring the drip?

13. Yaya (South Africa)

Meet the 13th #BBTitans housemate, Yaya is a model with a bold personality. She is a talkative and not afraid to be vulnerable. We are ready for the real conversations!⁣

14. Ebubu (Nigeria)

Meet the 14th #BBTitans housemate, Anambra’s finest, Ebubu’s 🇳🇬 humour has helped him master the streets of Lagos. A Jack of all trades, he is also an actor and a model. It’s giving triple threat and we are here for it!⁣

15. Lukay (South Africa)

Meet the 15th #BBTitans housemate, Lukay 🇿🇦 knows a thing or two about chasing the coin. A sales executive from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Lukay is both empathetic and brutally honest. Sounds like someone is getting ready to shake some tables in here!

16. Jenni O (Nigeria)

Meet the 16th #BBTitans housemate, Hailing from the Imo State in Nigeria, Jenni O 🇳🇬 is now a health and safety specialist based in the US. Expect plenty of the sauce, this Queen is both spicy and spontaneous. A colourful daredevil, it says here. Shake the tables, Jenni O! #ZiyakhalaWahala

17. Tsatsii (South Africa)

Meet the 17th #BBTitans housemate, she is from South Africa 🇿🇦. Beauty and brains! Tsatsii has engineering, biotechnology, microbiology student to her credit. Don’t play with her!⁣

18. Kanaga Jnr (Nigeria)

Meet the 18th #BBTitans housemate, A typical odogwu is here, Kanaga Jnr a Nigerian 🇳🇬🔥🔥, He’s a model, an aspiring actor and he’s athletic! Sounds like Kanaga Jnr, who is both charming and candid, can do it all! He melts hearts with his boyish charm, and prefers older women.⁣

19. Justin (South Africa)

Meet the 19th #BBTitans housemate, Justin from SA 🇿🇦, a photographer form East London, South Africa. He is easy-going, fun, and loves a good laugh. Sounds like a blast to be around!

20. Yvonne (Nigeria)

Meet the 20th and last #BBTitans housemate, Soft life hun Yvonne is a model and content creator. Originally from Akwa Ibom State, and now in Lagos, Nigeria 🇳🇬, she’s also a pastor’s kid.