Meet The Four New Big Brother Titan Housemates & Their Plans To Bring Drama To The Show

Big Brother introduced four new housemates to the show, BB Titans, during their pool party tonight.

The four new housemates are: Sandra Essien, Theo Traw, Miracle Okafor and Aiva.

Sandra Essien is From Nigeria. She says she will be pressing necks and people should have their inhalers because they will need to breathe.

Aiva is one of the Big Brother housemates, she says she will be bringing the dance, the moves and hopes to make the show more entertaining.

Theo is a Big Brother Titan housemate, he will bring the drama by being unpredictable.

Miracle Okafor a Nigerian, and one of the newly introduced Big Brother Titan housemate. He plans to bring in drama by forming alliances, and getting them to fight amongst themselves at the end