It is less than 72 hrs the BBTitans reality TV show kicked off and I can say the housemates are bonding well with one another. While we can see that people are shipping certain housemates together, we are also analyzing other roommates to see what they can bring to the table to make the reality TV program more interesting, yemi cregx fingers khosi video.

Yesterday evening, Yemi and Khosi shared a sweet and intimate time. As a result of the fact that they appear to have an interest in one another, it has been speculated that the two of them are involved romantically with one another.

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We were able to observe Yemi kissing Khosi while they were both on the bed, and not too much time after that, we were able to see some sort of sexual connection between the two of them. Yemi was seen fingering Khosi and this led to a lot of reactions from the viewers.

Viewers who witnessed this were left wondering how cheap they are since many of them believe that such a performance comes rather too soon in the game.


What can you say about the romantic moment that happened between these 2 housemates? Do you think that this relationship will go very far for them? Leave your thoughts in the corresponding comment area.